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Quick and Easy Scrapbook Layout

If you like to get layouts done quick, I highly recommend combining 4 x 6" photos and full size 6 x 6" sheets, like this layout.

There are many things in the world of scrapbooking that can help speed up the process of creating a layout and two of the best are...

• using uncropped 4 x 6" photos


• using 6 x 6" paper pads (more specifically: uncut 6 x 6" sheets.)

Both, on their own, will save you time so using them together is double the time saving opportunity. And, the beauty is that their measurements pair together effortlessly since they both have a 6" edge. Did I also mention that you don't even need a paper trimmer? Since the photos are uncropped and the papers are uncut you can skip the cutting part. It's just papers, photos, and go!

For my layout I have a grouping of three 4 x 6" photos in the middle matched up with a full 6 x 6" sheet to highlight my title and journaling.

The I used various full 6 x 6" sheets to create a background and border around those middle elements.

To embellish the layout I added three clusters of elements in three different areas on the layout, creating that visual triangle to help frame in all the important elements in the middle.

I used a combination of die cut pieces and wooden arrows.

I also added a hand-stitched border in coordinating colors on each background paper.

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Love this! I am definitely going to use this idea! 😍

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