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Quick Design with Simple Stories "Boo Crew" 2 x 2" Squares

Lately I am really loving the Simple Stories paper with 2 x 2" squares that is included with most of their collections. They fill the squares up with such cute designs, fun patterns, and a large variety.

Products used:

I also love that these squares are almost effortless to design with. The 2 x 2" size coordinates well with a few favorite photos sizes: 4 x 6/6 x 4", 4 x 4", and 2 x 2". What I mean by coordinating well is that since they are all even numbers on each side, they can be mixed and matched and fit together without having to figure out measurements or complicated arrangements to make it work. It's effortless to design with!

On my layout I used the 2 x 2" squares paper and a few patterned paper squares to create a frame around four 4 x 4" photos. That simple design concept was super easy to put together. If I would have stopped there, this layout would have went together in less than 30 minutes. However, I wanted to add some extra details to the squares, mostly with hand-stitching.

To some of the squares I added a simple hand-stitched border and then a mix of different embellishments like chipboard, die cuts, and brads in the middle.

On the other pieces I added hand-stitching to the design on the papers in a variety of ways to add some texture and detail. I used the stitching to outline details or directly on the middle of the design.

To finish the whole design I added a title and, as if I hadn't stitched enough already, a stitched border around the squares.

This was a fun layout create and because it went together so fast with the 2 x 2" squares, I was able to devote more time to my favorite technique - hand-stitching.

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