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Scrapbook Design Idea: Christmas Wreath

This layout is from an online class I did last year called Christmas Joy. The class is actually still available at Scrapbook Generation. You can find it here.

If you know me, you know that I love creating theme heavy designs. I really like picking a theme and thinking about the different themed elements I can use to create a layout design. For example, with a Christmas theme I could make layout designs out of:

• wreaths (like the layout I'm sharing)

• Christmas trees

• presents

• hanging ornaments

• Santa

• strings of lights

• hanging stockings

The wreath design will always be a popular one because it's so easy to adapt and customize with different elements. For my layout I used circles, but there is so much more you could use for this Christmas theme:

• stars

• flowers

• pine branches

• ornaments

• hearts

• presents

For my wreath I also added in some extra details like small stars, wooden embellishments, and even a few smaller photos.

For the top of the wreath I cut out a flower cluster from a patterned paper.

I also love a wreath design because it's so easy to change up the photos to fit your needs. You can fill as little or as much of the middle area as you need for your photos.

The class also has a second layout showing a simplified version of this wreath design. You can find all the details of the class here.

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