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Scrapbook Design Idea | Large Splash

This layout was from one of the classes I taught at the 2022 She Loves Color Designer Day event. The class was all about creating my favorite - water themed designs.

For this design I loved the idea of creating an extension of the photo. Jackson was playing with a snorkel and I thought a big splash of water, extending on the side where the snorkel points would be fun and playful. Especially since he’s got such a mischievous look in his eyes!

I started with three large droplets pieces and then added and layered some medium and small droplets around them. To finish the design there is lots and lots of Nuvo Jewel Drops in Sea Breeze.

I kept the title and journaling by my photo. I always like keeping those details together to help draw attention to each other. This is a great way to ensure that your photo doesn’t get lost in the details or a busier design.

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You always put a lot of effort into your layouts and they are beautiful. I love all the stitching. I do a little stitching but have neuropathy and arthritis in my hands so many days I cant hold a needle...but I admire all your beautiful pages.

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