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Scrapbook Idea: Easy Popsicle Embellishment

This one is an older layout of mine that I came across the other day. This was long before I had my Silhouette so one of my favorites things to do was create my own embellishments and themed elements. For this layout in particular, I create a popsicle to match the popsicle Jackson has in the photos.

This is such an easy way to make a cute summer embellishment without needing a die cutting machine or special tools!

I started with a small rectangle base and then added horizontal strips in colors matching the popsicle in the photos - dark blue, red, blue, and green. (Technically the popsicle has purple, but the collection I used was blue heavy so I swapped it.) Then I rounded the corners and added a stitched line on each color for added texture and dimension. To finish I added a little strip cut from a wood grain paper.

It’s interesting to look back at this layout and see where my scrapbooking style has evolved to. This layout is super simple compared to the way I do things now! I still see myself in the design, but I definitely kicked it up a notch as far as detail goes since then!

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