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Scrapbook Layout Idea | Split Shape w/ Large Cluster

Happy 4th of July to all of my American friends out there! I love this holiday so much! My birthday is in July and when I was little I always wished my birthday was on the 4th so I could have fireworks on my birthday!

This layout I’m sharing today shows a fun concept that you can adapt to many different themes: splitting a shape in half with a simple side and a detailed clustered side.

I wanted to incorporate the American flag into my design so I let that lead my design. I used a heart as my base shape and to go with my 4th of July theme I used red and white strips on one side and then created a super detailed cluster of blue stars on the opposite.

The stars are layered and some have hand-stitching on them to add lots of dimension, texture, and detail to that side of the heart. I also sanded the edges of them to expose the white core of the paper and help the individual stars stand out more.

This concept can be so fun to use with other themes! For the base try using a

• circle

• star

• heart

• hexagon

• square

• triangle

Then for the cluster details try using:

• flowers

• hearts

• stars

• circles

• bubbles

• arrows

• confetti and streamers

• clouds

• snowflakes

• butterflies

• leaves

To finish the layout, as a fun themed detail, I added a stitched border around the whole layout and alternated the colors between red, white, and blue.

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