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Scrapbook Layout: You & Me

Does anyone else have a husband that rarely takes a photo without making some sort of goofy face? All I wanted was a photo of the two of us and what I end up with is laughing hysterically at his ridiculousness. These photos are from very early in our marriage and I'm so very grateful that he still makes me laugh this hard almost 19 years later.

To create this layout I started with those three 4 x 6" photos at the main focus and kind of designed around that. The photos are framed with a black hearts patterned paper and then along the bottom there are cork circles arranged in a line along with two 2 x 2" photos.

On the right there is a block made up of 3 x 4" photos and cards. On one card I have my journaling along with a few heart details.

On the second card I added another 2 x 2" photo along with a "love of my life" cork piece and more hearts.

There's just something about this layout design that makes me want to use it over and over. It's such a versatile design with a fun range of photo sizes!

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This layout and photos just makes me smile!! Love actual real life pics!! Great story and adorable photos of you two enjoying each other!!

Me gusta

Ya‘lol look so happy. I love this layout and the cork embellishments What paper line are these in?

Me gusta
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