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Scrapbooking Idea: Comparison Scrapbooking

Comparisons are a fun way to view two or more objects, people, places, events, or whatever else you might think of and see how they differ or see how they are alike.

For quite sometime we have noticed that Drew and Jackson look a lot like my sister and I when we were little. As a Mother's Day gift I decided to use Drew and Jackson to recreate a favorite photo of Stacey and I. We swapped out the Care Bears for stuffed animals the boys had and did our best to set up the shot as closely to the original as possible. Even down to the dirty white socks! I think seeing the two photos together reinforced our belief that Drew and Jackson looked just like us.

For comparison layouts you can focus on a few approaches:

1. Differences

2. Similarities

3. or a combination of both differences or similarities.

4. Pros & Cons

5. Opposites

When it comes to topics there are tons of comparison style layouts and journaling you can do. Try comparing topics like:

• best friends

• siblings

• parents

• spouses

• kids vs. parents

• male family member vs. female family members

• seasons

• birthdays over the years

• pets

If you want to take the opposites approach like I did on mine you could think about things like:

• yes & no

• today & tomorrow

• past & present

• before & after

• beginning & end

• night & day

• for & against

• big & small

• good & bad

• bitter & sweet

When it comes to your journaling you tell it in paragraph form or the easiest option is to write out a list, one for each subject you are including in your comparison.

These are just a few ideas. If you want more, be sure to check out my book:

The section just on Comparison Journaling is 17 pages long and has over 40 topics and ideas for layouts and journaling. There are also 11 other approaches to journaling that include even more ideas!

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Hi Allison, do you ever do any layouts with memorabelia or school stuff? I have lots of my 12 year old's certificates, cards from relatives, report cards etc. that I like to incorporate and wondered if you have some ideas about that?

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