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Scrapbooking Quick Tip: Using the Same Photo Arrangement Multiple Times

If you've been scrapbooking for a few years you realize that using the same photo arrangement happens often. Especially when you are working with 4x6" and 6x4" prints. The reality is there are only so many photo arrangements and combinations you can do. But, that doesn't mean that every layout has to look the same. This is what I like to call "photo arrangement replay."

We can use this "Welcome Home Little Guy" two-page layout as an example.

This layout has four 6x4" photos along the top and bottom with one 6x4" focal photo in the center of the left page. The middle of the layout has the opening between the two sets of photo and that is the area of focus that you can "replay" while using this same photo arrangement over and over.

Here are a few ideas for changing up that middle section for a different look:

• Use 1/2" or 1" vertical strips across the whole center.

• Use three 24 x 1" horizontal strips in the middle.

• Use 2 x 2" squares to fill in that opening.

• Use a single sheet of paper to simplify the middle.

• Use a single row of large shapes going across the middle - hearts, stars, circles, flowers, etc.

• Create a pattern inside the middle section - chevron, hexagons, slanted pieces, etc.

• Add a row of smaller photos in the center.

• Use small banner strips (a notch at both ends) along the center.

• Create a scene in the middle - grass at the bottom w/ clouds and sky at the top.

There are so many different ways you can use this one photo arrangement and end up with unique layouts each time!

Here's a closer look at the details of my layout:

This was Jackson's first day home from the hospital. He was so teeny, tiny!!

My title letters didn't quite stand out as much as I wanted to so I used a darker blue marker to add a border around each letter. I added the border while they were still on the sticker sheet so it was really easy to do and when paired with foam adhesive it really helped that title stand out.

I kept my embellishments really simple by using a stars and a little bit of hand-stitching. The photos and the papers I used are pretty bold in color so I wanted to be a little more subtle with embellishments.

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1 Comment

Melissa M
Melissa M
Apr 07, 2022

Great tips Allison. I love all of these. They'll be so helpful when I have a ton of photos and still want to have a creative layout. Thank you so much.

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