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Scrapbooking Sketch Support: Behind the Scenes YouTube Video

Well...I told you guys I would consider doing a behind the scenes look at Sketch Support, and here it is!

I always talk about, in my Sketch Support videos, how I do big bulk prints of photos and that I mostly use photos that I already have printed and ready to go and I find a way to make them work with the sketches. This video shows the process of how I brainstorm with the sketch, how I go through those photos I have on hand, how I select the photos, how I narrow them down to just five sets, how I select my papers, and my thought process through it all. It's so funny, a couple of times in the video I talk about how fun the process of planning Sketch Support is. I truly love this part of Sketch Support. I'm a list maker and planner so that part of me loves the brainstorming and the organizing and the planning of everything. But, I watch this video and think to myself, "Is there anyway that anyone else is going to think this is fun?" I'm prepared that the answer to that might be a big, loud "NO!"

Anyway, if you've ever been interested in seeing how Sketch Support comes together each month, check it out! I think the best part of this video, to me, is now knowing which photos I selected and how the layouts turned out. If you want to see the layouts, be sure to watch Sketch Support #7 after this video.

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