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Sketches w/ 4x6" Photos Only: NEW Facebook Group & Class

I've been working on this all year so I'm super happy to finally announce it!

Registration begins today for...

Important Info:

• Price $15

• Registration is open from June 14 - July 8

• First day of class: July 11

This group/class includes:

• 10 two-page sketches

• 10 sketch options PDFs that include 24 bonus sketches showing the different ways you can alter and customize the sketches to fit your needs. These include sketches showing how to adapt the papers, the photos, there are five one-page sketches, and one 17 x 11" option.

• 10 layout examples (one for each sketch) created by Allison Davis (me)

• 10 layout PDFs showing a closer look at my layout.

• 10 sketch PDFs showing a closer look at the details of each sketch.

• 10 design tips PDFs based on the sketches. Some focus on design fundamentals and some are design concepts that I like to implement into my scrapbooking. Most of these include "naked" sketches so you get even more design ideas that you can use! What is a naked sketch? It’s a no-frills sketch that just contains the photos and layout design. No detail or embellishments or title, etc. There are over 50 naked sketches.

• Access to a private FB group. The community is one of the best parts of these groups!

• Layout galleries that everyone can share their layouts to. (In the last Facebook group/class we had over 4,400 layouts shared in the layout galleries! It was AMAZING!)

• Weekly discussion topics.

• Several bonus (surprise) PDF materials.

In total that includes over 300 sketch designs!

Other Facts & Information:

• When you purchase the group/class you can instantly download the 10 original sketches that all materials are based on.

VERY IMPORTANT - the first page of the sketch download has the link to the group. We do not email links out. It is your responsibility to download the sketch PDF, click on that link, and request to join the group.

• In order to gain access to the group we will need to verify your purchase. This can take some time to get through everyone. Every single request will be verified before the class start date so don't worry if it's taking a long time.

• When you request to join the group there will be two questions you will need to answer in order for us to verify your order. 1. What is your order number? 2. What is the name on your Scrapbook Generation order IF IT IS DIFFERENT than your Facebook name?

• Once in the group you can look around and get a feel for how things work. There will be welcome posts and a gallery of graphics that explain the whole process and the rules.

• In previous groups/classes we have had an average of 1500 members.

• In previous groups/classes there have been 200-500 layouts shared per sketch.

There is no requirement to participate. If you want to purchase the sketches and join the group just to get the PDFs and observe the layout galleries, you are more than welcome. There is zero pressure to do anything.

• The sketches are the only PDF material that you get at time of purchase. All other PDF materials will be shared within the group, week by week.

What happens when the group/class is over? Once you join the group you will have access to the content forever (or until FB decides to end it).

Not a two-page scrapbooker or 4x6" photo user?

I try to make my groups and classes as open as possible to all scrapbookers, even though the topic is so specific. This group and the sketches are focused on two-page sketches using 4x6" photos only, BUT THAT'S NOT ALL THAT WILL BE INCLUDED!

One of the most loved pieces of these groups have been the sketch options PDFs (mentioned above) that show the many different ways you can adapt one sketch and customize it to fit your specific needs. I took great care and consideration into the sketch options PDFs for this group and tried to really cover as much as I could with one sketch so that EVERY SCRAPBOOKER could find a sketch option that fits their needs whether they are...

• a two-page scrapbooker • a one-page scrapbooker • an 8-1/2 x 11" scrapbooker • a scrapbooker that only uses 4x6" photos • a scrapbooker that likes to use a mix of photo sizes

Here's what you'll find in those sketch options:

• Sketches that show how you can change and adapt the papers mostly through simplifying the design or enhancing the design.

• Sketches that show how to change the type of 4x6" photo you use. For example if the sketch has all 4x6" photos, there will be an option showing how to adapt the sketch to work with all 6x4" photos and an option showing how to adapt the sketch to work with a mix of 4x6" and 6x4" photos.

• Sketches that show how to change the photos on the sketch without changing the number of photos on the sketch.

• Sketches that show how to use less photos than the sketch. These options usually include using enlargements (like 5x7", 6x8", and sometimes 8x10") or removing photos and adjusting the design to fit.

• Sketches that show how to add more photos than the sketch. These options usually include using smaller photos or adding extra photos while adjusting the design to fit.

• Sketches showing how to adapt the sketch to work with 3x5" and 5x3" photos. This photo size is one of my favorites and they can easily be cropped down from most 4x6" and 6x4" photos.

• 5 one-page sketches. (These one-page sketches ended up being some of my favorite sketches!) One sketch is always dedicated to the focus of the class, using only 4x6" photos. The other four sketches are made by different methods like shrinking the design down, eliminating part of the design/photos, using a combination of elements from both pages, and creating designs based on one element of the sketch. I really think you all will love these!

• One 17 x 11" sketch. This option shows how to adapt your photos and papers to work with 8-1/2 x 11" two-page layouts.

I really believe that within these sketch options there is something for EVERY scrapbooker!

If you have any questions you can reach out to SG at

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