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Strips and Stitching

Strips and stitching. If I have learned anything about my scrapbooking style over the years it's that I use a lot of strips and do a lot of stitching.

Strips are my go-to design element if I am stuck, if I am wanting to include lots of color, if I am wanting to include more patterns, if I want to accent a larger background, or if want to create an eye-catching background.

Stitching is my go-to accent detail. I'll add it to everything! It's actually become physically and mentally impossible for me to not stitch on something on every layout I create. It's like my hands and brain insist that we stitch. I'm okay with that though since I love it, both the process and the result.

To add a little extra to my strips and stitching and to match the theme, I used little tire mark stickers in line with my stitching.

What are your go-to designs or details that are a must-do for you?

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1 Comment

Margi Elena Duffy
Margi Elena Duffy
Apr 10, 2021

😊I love it. And I love to stitch on my layouts too. But sometimes I am stuck for ideas of where.....thoughts

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