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YouTube Video | Scrapbooking With 6x6 Paper Pads | Layout Share

Out of my excitement for the new private Facebook Group: Sketches for 6x6 Paper Pads and just my general excitement for creating with 6x6 Paper Pads, I put together a video of 22 layouts I have created using 6x6 papers.

There is a mix of older layouts and new layouts that I've never shared before.

If this is the first you are hearing about the private Facebook group, what we are doing is working through the 20 NEW sketches in the Sketches for 6x6 Paper Pads: Two-page Sketch 20-pack as a community.

Purchasing the NEW Sketches for 6x6 Paper Pads: Two-page 20-pack gives you access to a private Facebook group led by me. Click here to purchase the sketches.

I will guide the group through all 20 sketches over the course of 20 weeks. Each week I will post the sketch and my layout example and then invite you to post yours. I’ll also lead discussions, Q & As, and more. It’s almost like a class, except there isn’t teaching material beyond the sketches. I will be sharing some of my tips and techniques regarding sketches, scrapbooking, and using 6 x 6 paper pads, but it’s not planned out in a class format.

Once you have made your purchase, you will follow the link to the private group to join. Click here to join the group.

You will have to provide your order number and it will have to be confirmed before you are approved as a member of the group. We will try to confirm the order numbers as fast as we can. The group will be available to join May 1-31. After May 31 the group will no longer take on new members. This group will be live for 20 weeks, starting June 1. After the 20 weeks are over, the group will remain accessible as long as Facebook exists. The group will be archived which means that you can still access everything in the group, but it will no longer be an active group with the ability to comment on posts.

There is no pressure to participate in the group. If you purchased the sketches and just want to join the group to see what everyone creates you are more than welcome to.

I think this group is going to be a lot of fun! I've been gathering, editing, and printing photos and I keep getting more and more excited as we get closer to June1!

If you enjoy using 6x6 Paper Pads be sure to check all of my 6x6 Paper Pad classes, ebooks, and sketches.

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